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PTH Products - PTH stabi crusher

The latest PTH product is called the PTH Stabi Crusher 15500

PTH STABI CRUSHER - Breaks rocks and directly mixes them into the groud

Der PTH Stabi Crusher enables the direct mixing-in of additives like cement, and the crushing of the hardest rocks, like granite,  for roadmaking resp. renovation.

  • 2000 mm working width
  • up to 600 mm working depth
  • 48 pieces of special hard metal-tipped tools
  • Internal cladding of armoured plating
  • More pictures! Behind each picture with a red edge is a separate photo album.
  • The crusher strip is hydraulically adjustable from 50 mm - 350 mm
  • Steerable rear axle
  • Mixing capacity to 800 m³/hr.
  • Crushes granite stones with an edge length of up to 600 mm

Designed for crushing and mixing the hardest rock, least wear and longest lifespan

The PTH Stabi Crusher is driven by 12 high-performance V-belts on both sides

The most modern, robust technology

Designed for the hardest rock, the least wear, the longest lifespan and huge capacities

The crushing and mixing chamber of the PTH Stabi Crusher are fitted with replaceable armour plates

The crushing and mixing chamber of the PTH Stabi Crusher with the armour plates PTH tools Hydraulically adjustable crusher bar of the PTH Stabi Crusher
Crushing and mixing space,
equipped with replaceable
armour plates.
Expendable tools: constructed for high crushing and mixing capacity with extremely little wear Hydraulically adjustable
crusher strip of 50mm - 350mm.

Perfectly crushed material
  • Perfect mixing results, even in adverse conditions
  • Easy to service
  • Worn parts can be replaced quickly
If required, an automatic depth control via the PTH Tronic is also available
The rotor is located behind the grey cover A look under the hood of the PTH Stabi Crushers Side cover of the PTH Stabi Crusher rotor


PTHtronic terminalPTH technology
for perfect machine control

All familiar machine data can be retrieved via the PTHtronic© and settings made. All automatic functions are also set via the terminal.

Technical Data:

PTH stabi crusher 15500  
Design:: Extremely robust crusher in full frame design,
torsion-free and made of the highest quality steels
Drive:: 12 high-performance fan belts on both sides
Deadweight: 16.500 kg  
Rotor mass: 5.500 kg  
Working breadth: 2.000 mm  
Working depth: max. 600 mm  
Requirements: min. 250 PS  
Throughput rate: up to 800 m³/hour  
1st crushing stage: Hydraulically adjustable: 50 - 350 mm
  Internal wearing parts easy to replace.
  • Fully automatic injection system
  • Lateral levelling
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Cutting chisels for crushing asphalt



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