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Step1 - PTH Ripper
Step1 - Ripper
It rips up heavy soils
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Step 2 - PTH Crusher
Step2 - Crusher
The stone breakers for heavy-duty operations
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Step 3 - Speedgrader
Step3 - Speedgrader
The alternative to the motor grader
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Step 4 - PTH Compactor
Step4 - Compactor
The mighty vibrating-plate compactor
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PTH Produkte - PTH Multi Crusher
PTH Multi Crusher
The PTH CC is a new release in mobile demolition technology.
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PTH Produkte - PTH Hymog
PTH Hymog
It is an evolution of its predecessor and offers even more advantages.
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aBr - wear-free reducing speed
aBr - wear-free reducing speed
From now on, no more hot brakes when going downhill!
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Produkte - PTH-tracks
PTH Tracks
The PTH tracks are an economic and efficient alternative to tracked vehicles.
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Company Information - History

Demolition work, demolition diggerProfi Team Holzer specializes in exceptional work for years now.
Jakob Holzer, road damage, road stabilisation, cement stabilisationThe younger Jakob Holzer on a busted forest road
Forwarder, timber harvest, forest machineryThe prototype of the tracked vehicle forwarder was developed by the Holzer professional team like many innovations. This machine never went into production due to high soil scarification.
Demolition work, Österreichring, A1 RingThe initial reconstruction of the Österreichring in Zeltweg to the A1 Ring meant that the contract order for all demolition work was awarded to the specialized company Profi Team Holzer from Neuberg.
Timber harvest, cable crane, harvester, Valmet Snake, caterpillar harvesterIt is always a matter of innovation to engage the brothers Jakob and Thomas Holzer in forestry operations. To put it quite simply - it is our passion!
Demolition grapple, sorting grappleBut our passion also thrives in the construction industry. Before there were sorting grabs, we were using them! Obviously, built in-house.
Steep-slope forwarderTesting the tracked vehicle forwarders were naturally performed in our own felling company.
Caterpillar forwarderThe photo does not capture the reality - this is a 100% (45 degrees) slope
Crusher, caterpillar crusher, jaw crusher, building rubble processing, building rubble recyclingThe construction-waste processing plant after refurbishment. As can be seen in the photo, we already then had an integrated sifting mechanism on the crusher.
Mario Perchtold, Thomas Holzer, Jakob Holzer, Florian Holzer, Fendt 822The first Fendt of the Holzer professional team was a Fendt 822 Favorit and came in Fendt green. Of course, it was immediately resprayed in the red and grey flag colours of PTH. Mario Perchtold jun., Thomas Holzer, Jakob Holzer, Florian Holzer, f.l.t.r
Forest machinery, cordwood processor KP 40Our processor in action.
Construction plant, crusher, caterpillar crusherJakob Holzer during the loading of the tracked vehicle crusher
Disposal site construction, disposal site reclamationThe tracked vehicle crusher in action at a landfill remediation.
Valmet Snake, Harvester, Valmet 911The world’s first tracked vehicle harvester with 4 independently driven caterpillars. Of course, by the Holzer professional team. This patent was sold to the company Valmet and is still being produced.
Oops, breakdown, accidentAlso, we are not immune to accidents. Luckily, the driver was unharmed.
That’s how to achieve performance! The daily quota was 3500 m3 per shift. A mighty struggle for today’s newer plants. Well, they aren’t from PTH after all.That’s how one achieves capacity! The daily output then was 3500 m3 per shift. That still needs something special to be achieved by today’s newer plants. Oh well, they are not from PTH after all.
John Boyer, Thomas HolzerThomas Holzer 1995 with John Boyer, head of his practical training establishment where Thomas Holzer completed his overseas practical training in 1985 in Exeter UK.
The rebuilt plant in action, about 1994The rebuilt new plant in operation around 1994
Building rubble recycling, jaw crusher, building rubble processing, crushingThis construction rubble processing plant was procured by the Holzer professional team in 1992 and had to be completely rebuilt after just 1 year because the original was not suited to the harsh construction site conditions.
Forest processor, harvester, timber harvest, modern timber harvestIn 1992 Jakob and Thomas Holzer built a cordwood processor for in-house use from an old tracked excavator, a Penz crane, and a KB40 from Steyr.
Wood shredder, wood chopping machine, biomass, wood chip supplyAlready in 1991 the brothers Jakob and Thomas Holzer built a large trailer-based chopping machine for in-house use. This machine is still in operation in our company, today.
Recycling, building rubble recycling, crushers, caterpillar crushersA special design for a landfill treatment by Jakob and Thomas Holzer in the 90s.
Thomas Holzer, Jakob HolzerThomas and Jakob Holzer during the construction of our first cable crane in 1989
Jakob HolzerWe were also young, once. Jakob Holzer 1989
Forestry technology, forest ropeway, cable crane, tilting mast cable craneOne of the first developments by the Holzer professional team was a cable crane, fully radio remote-controlled with sorting crane. From 1989